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Response Paper #2

Read: Haase, Donald Feminist fairy-tale scholarship, fairytales and feminism :new approaches, edited by Donald Haase, Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2004, pp 1-36

Watch: Nicholas, Mike, director. Working Girl. Performances by Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffith, and Sigourney Weaver, USA, Twentieth Century Fox, 1988

Watch: Marshall, Garry, director. Pretty Woman. Performances by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, USA, Touchstone Pictures, 1990

Prompt: Pick two topics of concern to the field of feminist scholars summarized by Donald Haase. Apply these two concepts to either Garry Marshalls pretty women or Mike Nichols Working Girl (PLEASE DO NOT write on both films). Thinking of the affordable ( what something can and cannot do ) allowed by the fairytale genre, how can the movie be analyzed (I.e make arguments about) in terms of the two topics you could have chosen? Conversely, what limitations are there in using these topics to examine or make arguments about fairytale adaptations, such as Working Girl or Pretty Woman?
Make sure to define the two topics according to the essay and include brief, relevant quotes from the essay and the movie to support your arguments.


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