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Resume and cover letter for application to a medical school

For this assignment, prepare your resume (1-2 pages) and one cover letter (1 page). The cover letter is to accompany an application to graduate or professional school (Wayne State University, School of Medicine). The cover letter should have a specific target. Apply to a specific graduate or professional school. Write your cover letter and resume targeted to the school (Wayne State University) you select.

I attached my real resume so that you can include things from my experiences. In addition, I want to add these two shadowing experiences to my resume:

Shadowing number 1:
Shadowing Dr. Lamia allowed me to learn the day-to-day responsibilities of a pathologist and apply textbook knowledge to clinical scenarios. We examined different types of cytology specimens like breast, kidney, uterus, ovary, testis, etc. under the microscope. It was extremely rewarding to be able to apply the knowledge that I learned in all my biology courses into the event of identifying cells under the microscope. Further, I learned the basic principles for distinguishing malignant vs benign cells based on anatomical and histological patterns. Shadowing Dr. Lamia was a very educational experience because it allowed me to directly apply my pre-medical curriculum to a medical specialty. For example, I was exposed to the diversity and breadth of various cell types and gained practical experience in distinguishing different tissue types from each other. Though I am by no means an expert, I learned how to apply pattern recognition rather than memorization to this work. Much of the clinical art of diagnosis and treatment is based on pattern recognition, and I am excited to take steps towards this form of learning and away from a pre-medical emphasis on memorization. Further, Dr. Lamias lab allowed me to think creatively and outside the box in several scenarios. For example, not every slide appears exactly as expected or as a perfect textbook rendition. Differing slices through 3-dimensional tissue meant that I had to utilize critical and creative thinking to fully visualize what I was looking at. I am excited to apply the principles learned through Dr. Lamia to various other specialties in medicine.

Shadowing number 2:
In Kuwait, I shadowed Dr. Ibrahim, a family doctor who provides medical care to elderly patients in nursing homes. I assisted Dr. Nabawi in taking vital signs and histories from patients who had various neurocognitive illnesses such as  Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Unfortunately, with age, people can start to lose their ability to take care of themselves and attend to their basic needs. Here I learned the unique challenges and rewards of working with a geriatric population vs a younger adult population.


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