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Respond to following 3 discussion of 100 or more words each on(describe transportation and logistics management or business concepts you now understand better or could apply better.  Responses should be a minimum of 100 words for each and include direct questions.

1. Throughout this course work, I have learned a lot of things, some of which I had knowledge of and some which I did not know about. I can proudly say that I have learned a lot of things, some of which I will discuss in this week discussion. I have learned a lot about the three lessons; to conduct an E-portfolio review, the importance of reflection in metacognition, and how to review and reflect an e-portfolio in writing.
One of many things that I learned, is the importance behind carrying out an e-portfolio review. Working on an e-portfolio review is considered as a learning theory identified as social constructivism. According to this theory, when students construct systems of knowledge by themselves, they get to learn in the most effective way. If students carry out reviews of an e-portfolio on their own, they effectively learn in a social context (Buzzetto-More, 2010). When students write reviews for e-portfolios, they get access to social feedbacks from their teachers, peers, and friends. In most cases, students get the opportunity to share their reasoning and stories with those around them.
When students provide their reviews on e-portfolio, they access the opportunity to develop skills necessary in their academic success. Also, students can provide their personal e-portfolio reviews, they are able to examine how they process their thoughts and feelings. They can understand the situation and be able to process and come up with the best method that works for them.
Lastly, when educators give students the opportunity to review and reflect on their writings, they enable the e-portfolio learning process to be visible because of the reflective process by the learners (Buzzetto-More, 2010). Also, making students to develop reviews and reflective writings on e-portfolio promotes the understanding of ones own understanding of education and learning.

2. While pursuing my MBA and reviewing documents for revision, there were many lessons that I learned along the way; many of which I have applied to my small business in real estate/home renovation and franchising. The three lessons identified during the coursework revision include business concepts in Internet/online marketing, leveraging and venture capitalist funding options.  All of these have allowed me to hone my business, consider financing and further solidify plans within.
Internet marketing or online marketing is the process of promoting a business, brand or service over the web.  There are 6 marketing strategies of Internet marketing: personal branding, content marketing, improve local SEO (search engine optimization to attract local customers), conversion optimization (identifying ways to improve website to increase traffic), social media marketing and email marketing (DeMers, 2016). While it is possible for companies to use each Internet marketing strategy, it is essential to have a dedicated marketing team to effectively apply the appropriate strategy.  This marketing avenue will be highly used within our small businesses, as it is the cheapest, but highly effective marketing tool.     
Leveraging in business is a term used when a new business acquires assets for a startup venture or when trying to expand the firm’s asset base to generate returns on risk capital. Risk capital refers to funds allocated to activities with high risk resulting in high-reward investments (Gompers, 1994).  A business is considered leveraged when it has borrowed money to finance the purchase of assets to increase the potential return of an investment (Bank, 2019). Leverage can also be achieved through equity by raising money through investors.
Venture capitalists are investors who provide capital to firms that have high growth potential in exchange for a share in the company.  Venture capitalists must also be cognizant of the market structure that the company is in prior to investing in them.  Factors such as the number of potential competitors would greatly affect the investor’s decision.  For this reason, venture capitalists have experienced high failure due to investing in new and unproven companies.  As my business continues to grow, we hope to attract the interest of venture capitalists to further the company’s growth potential.

3.So far, we have pulled three separate items from our years of course work to submit.  The most recent item I pulled was a group project that discussed Holacracy.  One of the biggest lessons I learned from reviewing and pondering on my time spent with classmate was that it truly does take a team to produce results.  Mind you, this was designed to be a group project but it truly was a testament that you get more done with a functioning team. 
One of the other pieces of coursework I chose to revise was an excel spreadsheet that broke down Walmart’s Income statement and balance sheet into a ratio analysis.  The lesson learned here is that, “if you don’t use, you lose it.”  I had to go back and re-learn some of the excel formulas to truly understand what I had done.  At first it was embarasing but I had to be honest with myself, I am not going to remember everything I am taught but its helpful to re-visist things na try to stay somewhat current. 
I also revised a Market analysis of Lululemon.  This was one of my favorite things that I had done while working to complete my MBA.  I have always loved Lululemon and what the brand stood for.  It was amazing to really dive into the brand and work at giving them a theoretical “marketing campaign.”  I learned so much about marketing and how to make a business successful.  The lesson learned for me was that studying business can be fun when you apply it to your everyday life… especially marketing.


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