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Review Questions Chp. 15/16

1. Discuss the implications of presenting a theoretical orientation that almost exclusively focuses in the non-rational perspective. Does this make theory more or less palatable for students? Could we place theorists in the postmodern category in a theoretical box? 

2. Discuss the following statement: Disneyland is there to conceal the fact that it is the real country, all of real America, which is Disneyland (just as prisons are there to conceal the fact that it is the social in its entirety, in its banal omnipresence, which is carceral). For those who have never been to Disneyland, those that have do share your interpretation of it form the sociological lens.

3. Argue from a position on the consequences of globalization; pick a combination from the following categories: homogeneity or heterogeneity, strong or weak version. Explain why you have decided on this view and try and give as many examples as possible.

4. Please compare and contrast Wallersteins world-systems analysis with Marxs theoretical orientation. Attempt to speculate how Marx would respond to world-systems analysis. Consider what some possible negative and positive effects in line with what Marx argues.

You will create a word document answering each question with 75 or more words


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