Rhetorical Analysis

This analysis is limited to  500 words.

To complete this assignment: 

Read Virginia Heffernans article, Comment is King Preview the document

Read How to write a rhetorical analysis Preview the document

Familiarize yourself with the Rhetorical Triangle web page (Links to an external site.) and with the video lecture led by Professor Pearson (Links to an external site.).

Next, carefully read Why Our Memory Fails Us by Christopher F. Chabris and Daniel J. Simons (Links to an external site.)

Once you have read through the arguments of Chabris and Simons, and feel that you have a solid grasp for the case they are making, click on the Comments section and select the tab for Reader Picks; carefully read the top three comments. Using Heffernans article, the Rhetorical Triangle website and video, and How to write a rhetorical analysis as your guide, methodically deconstruct arguments that are presented, both by Chabris and Simons, and the most popular comments. 

Drawing on your understanding of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos, analyze the argument presented by Chabris and Simons: 

How do they build their case in what they see as the problems of relying on ones memory? 

Do they play on the emotions of their audience or do they rely more heavily on facts and studies? 

What is their tone as authors? Reflect on why the top three comments were found to be convincing by so many other readers. What techniques using logos, ethos and pathos did they use to make their points so effectively?


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