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  -Basic Requirements:
Length – at least 3000 words * (NB. The word count does not include the References)
Support at least 3 sources taken from the text book *
Sufficient research and support from other sources (a minimum of 4 credible, external sources) *
References page presented in APA style (alphabetical order by authors surname, title & publishing
information) *
APA layout, including course information (semester, teacher etc. aligned to the left) on the title page
Pages: double spaced and numbered (the page number and title should be included in header on each page)
RP stapled or bound no loose pages

  -Argumentative style: Four- part introduction (G.O.S. Thesis, Alternative View, Road map)
Development of alternative view (concession & refutation)
Well supported arguments
Credible sources (support based on research articles or books, no French sources and no Wikipedia) *
Acknowledge all sources (all ideas that are not your own must be acknowledged) both in the paper & in the
references page)

Every idea you present must be backed up with reference to your researched sources authors name & date
Direct quotes should make up no more than 10% of your overall paper.*
Each paragraph is developed using examples and references to sources
No sweeping generalizations (e.g. Advertisements tell lies)


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