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Sally and The Caregiver

Imagine that you are an employee at a local assisted living facility. One of the residents, Sally, whom you provide
direct care for has just offered to sell her brand new and fully-loaded Ford Explorer (Platinum Edition) to you. Being a virtually
new vehicle (less than 1,000 miles on the odometer), the typical blue book value on a similar vehicle would be well over
$60,000. Sally offers to sell her Explorer to you for only $5,000, because she deeply values your friendship and assistance.
From what you can gather, she is in complete control of her rational faculties. Sally also happens to be a close friend of your
family. That being said, do you think it would be ethical to purchase this vehicle from her? Explain and defend your position,
while making connections with James Rachels Minimum Conception of Morality and a comprehensive ethical theory.

Papers need to be no less than 3 full-pages in length (excluding cover and works cited pages). In addition, they should be typed
(using a standard 12 point font), include a name, title, and be doubled-spaced. Proper grammar and mechanics are extremely
important, insofar as they add to the clarity of your argument(s)however, essays that contain an excessive number of
grammatical and semantic errors will receive a significant grade reduction. Avoid using online references like blogs, Wikipedia,
and heavily-biased sources which generally are not appropriate for college-level work. In a related way, final submissions that score 25% or more in Match Overview or the
Originality Report will earn no higher than a grade of C.


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