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School Admission process

Use Handout 1, Creating a Flow Chart, and Handout 2, Conducting a Brainstorming Session”. You will act as a continuous-improvement manager for the school; Your task will be to flow chart the schools process for being admitted to the school, then come up with ideas for streamlining the process. (You may also choose any other process impacting students that you think the school could improve.) As a reminder, you can find an example of a completed flow chart on page 123 of the textbook, and the material on flow charts on pages 121125 may be of help to you. You should end up with two flow charts: one showing the process as it is now, the other showing the improved process that you came up with.

Handout 2, Conducting a Brainstorming Session, may be helpful if you has trouble structuring your meetings.


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