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science and religion worldwide perspective

Summarize and support your position and perspective
(worldview) on religion and science. This is an
argumentative paper.
1. Provide a concise description of your position
on the role of each and their interactions.
Include a brief historical narrative on
how/where you developed your current view.
2. Support your position by using logical argument
and examples. Be sure to break down your
argument into defensible pieces. This section
will include multiple citations.
3. Evaluate your own actions. Do they actually
reflect your worldview? Is there room for

The only allowed format is the MLA format, which is
extensively used so you can find plenty of tutorials for
help in understanding this format. Only in Times New
Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced is permitted. Margins
will be 1 inch. For a more detailed description of the
format, please see The
one exception to this format is that we do NOT want your
name on the paper.Any place that requires your name,
please put your student ID number and only your student
ID number.
Do not quote extensively from other sources (use, yes,
direct quote, no). At most, you may directly quote
(properly) half a page out of the entire paper. At a
minimum, you will cite the required books and at least
three other books or peer-reviewed articles. In
addition, you may also cite online sources.

(NOTE: only add two pages of material to this it needs to be well written and flow welll with what is already there and don’t repeat things)

if you can use these books please do : Karl W. Giberson, The Wonder of the Universe and Alister E. McGrath, Science and Religion: A New
Introduction, 2nd ed.
if you cant use those books make sure you use ONLY peer-reviewed scholarly articles.


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