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Self assessment paper

Self-Assessment Paper

Do you agree with your MBTI personality assessment results, and your Strong Interest Inventory results? Why or why not?  What career titles would you like to explore from the MBTI, and Strong assessments?
I agree and I appreciate two specific careers: College counselor and Special Education teacher.

Write about your soft skills, hard skills, and transferable skills and provide examples for support. What type of skills would you like to develop and why? 
You have taken several assessments to help you learn more about yourself:

MBTI – see MBTI section on personality types
Strong Interest Inventory -see Strong Interests section
You have a variety of resources to help you answer these questions in this week and last week’s module, so make sure you refer back to complete this assignment.
Be done using 12 pt. font and double spaced.
Note: Please remember to include a works cited page.


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