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Show Your Knowledge 4

Cite your references at the end of each essay.

1  There are reported cases of husbands abandoning wives because of the skin color of a new infant. In some cases, the couple with dark complexions produced an infant with a very light complexion. Assuming no infidelity, as a mediator, how would you explain this to the disturbed husband? Your response should include the words gene, polygenic, trait, generation, and genotype.

2 You are a genetic counselor. You are presented with a couple who were just informed that they are carriers of the sickle cell trait. You must tell them their chances of having a baby born with sickle cell disease. Use a Punnett square. What will you tell them? You must show your square in your response. Use the terms dominant, recessive, probability, trait, genotype, and phenotype in your response.

3 What is epigenetics? Discuss a specific example.

4Review the process of meiosis. Choose two specific diseases that occur when meiosis goes wrong and explain how and why these occur.


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