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Situational Influences on Prosocial Behavior

The paper you completed for me on March 29th was incomplete. There were something important that was missing: I spoke with support they advised that you will complete. Attach below is what I sent previously of the paper outline.

Purpose of the Study
    This section provides a general outline of the objectives of the study.

    This section presents the justification for conducting the study. Questions such as the following should be addressed:
Why is the study being conducted?
Will it question or correct previously held beliefs or conclusions?
Will it contribute new knowledge to the field?

Research Questions and Hypotheses
    Research questions should be designed primarily to discover facts or establish relationships. Hypotheses, on the other hand, consist of a set of assumptions accepted provisionally as a basis for the investigation. Hypotheses are to be tested and rejected or not based on the findings of the study.
Research Questions
RQ1.    Research question one?

RQ2.    Research question two?

    Brief discussion and transition to hypotheses.  The following are various examples of how to list hypotheses with multiple research questions and/or multiple hypotheses:
H10a:    Null hypothesis one addressing research question one.

H11a:     Alternate hypothesis one addressing research question one.

    Transition to research question two:
H20a:     Null hypothesis one addressing research question two.

H21a:     Alternate hypothesis one addressing research question two.

Nature of the Study
    This section provides a preliminary overview of the methodological approach to and range of the study. Whether a study will be exploratory or definitive/confirmatory, quantitative, mixed, or some other type is discussed here.
Significance of the Study
    This section discusses the potential impact of the studys outcomes. What makes this study important? Who will benefit from this study? How is it important to the discipline?


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