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For this assignment, you will need to visit and review the Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ) website, especially the Counselors for Social Justice Newsletter . From this website/newsletter, you will choose an advocacy/social justice topic to highlight. This social justice topic must be counseling related and counseling focused; this is not a political opinion paper. Rather, the focus is on highlighting social justice issues that you were not aware of until exploring this weeks topic.

You will need to complete a 3 page APA style written summary. All written papers will need to adhere to guidelines outlined in the APA Manual 7th Edition and the rubric guidelines associated with this assignment.
Please include a professional paper (not student paper) title page, abstract, and reference page with a minimum of 4 peer reviewed articles.
You will write using the APA Manual 7th Edition professional paper format.
Please make sure you use proper grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph format.


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