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Directions: For this activity, you will take a closer look the types of content you share on social media and compare it to the types of content someone (i.e. a friend or family member) from a different age cohort shares on their profile. You can compare these profiles from one of the following social networking sites: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. If you do not have one of these profiles, an alternate comparison is available (review the last paragraph).*

Compare aspects of virtual communication: topics discussed, content re-shared, netiquette, etc. Consider any of the following: Who’s interacting? What’s being shared? How do others respond?

Identify your generation category and the generation of person who’s profile you examined. You may share your relationship to the person, however, that is not required. You do not need to share the person’s name, if you examined a profile of a friend/family member. Write 2-3 paragraphs about some of the similarities and differences. Remember to use complete sentences and check your spelling/grammar. You can submit your response as text or attach an APA formatted [double-spaced, 11 pt. Arial font, 1″ margins] file (.pdf, .doc., or .docx). You are encouraged to refer to Week 2 and Week 3 readings, however, outside sources are not required. If you do include outside sources, please cite them in APA format. 

[Last paragraph] *If you do not have a LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profile, compare two celebrity profiles–pick one celebrity who shares your generation category and another celebrity who is a baby boomer.


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