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Social Media vs. Humanity & Personality

as we have seen, social media is attacking peoples lives. Nowadays, everyone shares an excellent life with others through social media. Most people cannot know their hidden life behind the luxury post. How could you define a person as success based on these fake posts?  In the example of Blackmirror, people are fighting to get into the rich group and get a higher rating. Does higher rating mean if you are a good person? Human rights of public speaking, equality and true attitude are continuously destroyed by social media.
Back to recent, some youths think that more and more followers on instagram can help get famous. Ten years ago, the survey says that 65% of high school students in the United States have a dream of being a person who can contribute to their country like scientists in the future. However, two years ago, most students were trying to be Internet Celebrities.  The change marks the development of technology but it also marks the loss of humanity, personality and original spirit.

***Please watch the TV series “Blackmirror Season 3 Episode 1 Nosedive” to demonstrate the idea of social media attacking our lives including our humanity and real personality in several ways.
Please include *3 texts that will join in this conversation: what will they say about this issue?


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