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Social Science

For this week’s discussion, you will do a gender, race and class analysis of your neighborhood or community through the medium of photography. 

Please take one or a few photos that you see in daily life that help to illustrate an issue we have been discussing in our class. Perhaps you see something that strikes you dealing with gender, race, or social class. Perhaps you see an ad on the subway that objectifies women or men or perpetuates a racial or ethnic stereotype. Perhaps you see something that shows income or wealth inequality.

AVOID taking direct photos of people UNLESS YOU GET THEIR PERMISSION!  This is not only respectful, but also ethical. 

If you cannot take any photos in your daily life then please find some on the internet to share with the class. 

Post them in your DB post and provide a 350-word analysis that answers the following questions:

  1. Describe the photo(s) (What are they of? Where were they taken?)
  2. Why did you choose this/these photos for this assignment?
  3. What is your gender, race and class analyses of the photos?
  4. How does/do the photo(s) illuminate social inequality?
  5. How does/do the photo(s) relate to any topics or discussions we’ve been having in class?

Please use your eText, or other resources and articles to back up your analysis and BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES!!


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