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Social work

Students will identify an agency that reflects a Social Work field of practice in Texas and research that agency to gather the following information. Research sources may include an agency website, brochure, or other printed materials.
These areas should be addressed within the paper:
Agency name and location
Social problems or areas of social functioning addressed by the agency (ex. homelessness, poverty, abuse, mental health, etc.)
A brief history of the agency
The client base of the agency (what population receives services)
Services provided by the agency
Some of the problems Social Workers attempt to help clients resolve
How Generalist Practice relates to service provision at the agency (regarding intervention levels and theory)
Auspices (funding sources/support) of the agency
Criteria for clients to receive services (eligibility, etc.)
Some of the Social Work positions in the agency and their roles
Qualifications/credentials necessary for a Social Work position in that agency
The students opinion of the challenges and/or rewards faced by Social Workers in this agency, as well as in the Social Work field in general
Sources used must be cited, both in text and on a works cites page.


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