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1. Length: minimum of 2800 words.

2. Style: MLA or APA for citation and references.

3. Appendix: Entire data should be listed as an appendix (at the end of the paper). If a survey was used, then a copy of it should be included.

4. References: Minimum of 4 relevant references to the topic.

5. The paper should include an introduction that outlines the topic and how you are going to address it. Then a section dedicated to the literature review, which should include a presentation of previous research on the topic and their findings. After that, you explain your methodology and then present your data and findings. You discuss your findings and results and analyze them in light of previous studies’ findings and in light of the relevant sociolinguistics theories we discussed in this course. In the end, you conclude your paper.

The first draft of the final paper is worth 40% of the total score of the final paper and it is due on April 20.

The first draft should include a statement of the problem to be investigated, methodology and data collection tools, a list of relevant literature (previous studies on the issue or similar issues).

The final version of the paper is worth 60% of the total score of the paper and it is due on May 7.

Topic is “Testing attitude towards different dialects”
Methodology is Qualitative/ sociolinguistic
Source of data: Surveys


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