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Sociological Theory

Please address the following topics in the form of an essay. Each topic should be between 2 to 4 double space pages in length. You are required to use the text to answer each topic.
Each essay is worth 50 points. Full credit will be given to those who fully address each topic as defined by both class discussion, as well as the readings. You must reference and cite the text with page numbers.

Question #1: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote their manifesto in December 1847, as a guide to the fundamental principles and practices of communists. The manifesto also predicted the ultimate downfall of the capitalist system. Discuss The main points of the manifesto. Make sure in your essay to address the following question why are proletarians doomed to misery under capitalism? What features of the capitalist system are communists ready to abolish? What are the characteristics of an ideal communist society?

Question #2: Compare and contrast to classical theorists of your choosing. In your essay make sure to address the following questions what does each theorist contribute to sociology? How are theorists alike? How do they differ in their approach to understanding society? How would each theorist critique the other?


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