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Each of your will read the article, “What is Software Testing? And Why Is It So Hard?Preview the document

Note your analysis response paper must be saved as a pdf.  This is homework is to be done individually and you will not work with your teammates or anyone else in the class.

After reading the article, you will answer the following questions.  I am looking for a 5-7 page response, single spaced with 12 point font types.  You should use examples from within the article to justify your responses.  I am looking for well thought out, thorough summaries for the questions.  Single paragraphs or a couple of sentences will not be sufficient.  Do strive for concise writing but anything you say without justification will not be sufficient (unless otherwise noted.)  You must use good grammar and be sure to use a spell checker on your analysis response.  Answer each prompt separately.

1)  Summarize the paper in 1-2 paragraphs.  No justifications are needed.  You are simply providing a summary of the article so if someone was interested in know what the article about could read your summary and make a decision as to whether or not to read it.

2)  Summarize the Sample Software Testing Problem and the issues discussed in 1-2 paragraphs.

3)  Testers can approach testing in four phases.  For each phase, summarize the phase and then provide examples and justifications of the major findings.  I am expecting of your analysis to have a least 1 page of discussion per phase.  Do not go over 2 pages for any phase.  Use examples.


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