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To complete the Discussion activity, please do the following:

Answer each question fully. Use a minimum of 250 words for a complete discussion post. While it is not required in this discussion, feel free to bring in outside resources to support your answers. Outside resources include materials outside of the textbook, such as a website.

Describe how you would use a paired data test to determine where you would grocery shop if you were on a tight budget.
Using a simple paired data test, explain in full why you would select your chosen store. Your options are Walmart, Aldi, Kroger/Dillions/Jay C, SuperValu/Save-A-Lot/Shop N Save, a neighborhood value store or local grocery store, and Walgreens.
Based on the work you did in determining which grocery store would be your best option and why? 
What are the advantages of using paired data tests?  Explain.
Provide another example of using paired data tests in a real-world situation and explain its advantages. Do not use an example provided by your peers.


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