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This week will focus on the development of your Grant Proposal implementation strategy, program plan or methods.  The Implementation plan describes the activities which will be undertaken to accomplish desired change and explains why this is the best approach.  This should include a time line and a brief description of key personnel who will be responsible for oversight and implementation of the project. This will be you in most cases for this assignment, but if you are going to use help, this should be detailed here.  The work you did on your research of the impact on individuals, families and communities will be used to support this work.

Objectives: At the end of the week, students will know and be able to:
Formulate an implementation strategy for your program stated in your Grant Proposal
Develop a program plan or methods of how you are going to carry out the implementation
Week 4 Implementation Strategy and Program Plan or Methods
Independent work:
Continue work on your research paper, following all of the guidelines and outline, this week specifically focusing on the impact to professional practice and the healthcare system.

**********Use this submission link to submit your Implementation Strategy, Program Plan or Methods for instructor feedback.

Community Toolbox: Chapter 18, Section 1. Designing Community Interventions ( – The what, why, when and how of community interventions.

Community Toolbox: Chapter 18 Section 1. Designing Community Interventions ( –  A Power Point presentation summarizing the major points in the section.

Health Promotion Programs ( – This is a multiple page slide presentation resource, but very easy to read describing the foundations of health promotion programs including  planning, implementing, evaluating and sustaining those programs.  For this week’s work you will want to focus on slides 5-10 and then slide 27 & 28 and slide 44.  You will use parts of this resource again in Week 5.*********


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