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Strategy to improve International Productivity Power Point Presentation

Your boss asked that you prepare a presentation that will position the company (your choice) as a high performer in the global marketplace.  Assume that the audience is top management in a company that is just beginning to enter the global market.

Pick a domestic company that is ready to go international (your choice).
You can select a specific country of entry or approach the assignment from a ‘global market’ perspective.
Your presentation needs to include strategies aimed at improving international productivity. Questions to consider include:
What strategies will need to be implemented in terms of product/service, employees, marketing, management, communication, etc. that will position the company as a ‘high performer’?
Will the product/service need to be altered in order to fit into the cultural norms of the country selected/global market? If so, how and why?
How will results be measured?
Please consider/review the aspects of the Strategic Planning Process as part of your evaluation.
What additional strategies will need to be implemented in order to ensure international success?
Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation (10 to 18 slides) that includes strategies to improve international productivity.

Include an introduction, conclusion, lessons learned slide, references and any relevant data to support your presentation.  Please use your critical thinking skills; creativity is encouraged!


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