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Strong Mayor vs City Manager

Case Study Analysis Strong Mayor VS City Manager Argument

Your assignment is to use at least 2 of the articles, as well as your text book, and complete each of the sections below. The report must follow APA formatting and be at least 2 pages, double spaced, not including your Title and Reference page.


Provide an overview of each of the two models of municipal management
Main body

Highlight the pros and cons of each model from the materials presented to you. Include in your analysis material covered in the text book and material discussed on the discussion boards.
Consider and assess which model you think is the best and clearly state at least 3 points that defend your opinion. Include supporting evidence from your sources, make sure to use proper APA in-text citations.
Identify and acknowledge positives and negatives of your position.

Summarize main findings.
Identify and justify position you have taken regarding either the strong mayor or city manager form of municipal government.

A list of sources consulted or referred to in alphabetical order


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