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Substance Abuse

Use the nursing process based on the needs of a small community in AZ.

1.The statements in the writing are logical.
2.The statements in the writing are supported with evidence or explanation.
3.The ideas expressed in the writing convey a level of critical thinking/creativity appropriate to the course.

Nursing Diagnosis & Planning
1.The relationship between ideas in the writing is clear.
2.The ideas expressed in the writing is organized.
3.The writing guides the reader through a clear progression of ideas.

Identified arguments against application into the nursing practice. If not stated identify what some opposing views could be.

Based on patients needs and is completed and able to be understood.

Essay must be in APA format and a minimum of 500 words, The ideas expressed in the writing need to be clear and no seriously impeded by any of the following:
1, Faulty santax
2. Faulty documentation
3. Faulty grammar, usage or mechanics.

This is a research essay on community needs for a small community within AZ. Please use the nursing process to determine:
Assessment of community needs
Nursing diagnosis and planning for community needs
Implementation of treatment for community needs
Evaluation of treatment for community needs.

Substance abuse in Bullhead City, AZ 


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