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Summaries of articles from literature review

1.    Is abortion a good thing after all these years of examples, experiences? What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational. How does it existing in the world in our society so rational ?
2.    What causes the rising unemployment rate? How has it affected the stability of the entire social structure?

All written assignments
must be double-spaced with a 12-point font and Times New Roman.

You should provide at least three summaries, each 1/2 page minimum, addressing:
– research question(s) the article presented (2 points per article)
What is the question that the article seeks to answer in the study?
What direction does the article predict will occur?
(ex. is X expected to increase Y? Is X expected to prevent Y?)

– the variables examined and the outcome (1 point per article)
What is the independent variable? How will it be measured?
What is the outcome variables? How will it be measured?

– the results (2 points per article)
How did the results answer the research question?
Did the results support or refute any directions the article proposed?


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