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SCML 3106
Supply Chain Management
Individual Career Project
This project involves describing a possible career path in SCM.

(A)Select a job in supply chain management that you might pursue upon graduation. What industry, what company (you can make this up), what position title would it have? What would be the principle functions/responsibilities of this position? How much would it pay?

(B)What information from what other internal or external entities might you need to be able to perform in the position successfully? What internal or external entities would rely on you for what information?

(C)What would be the key performance measurements that would indicate how you were performing?

(D)What would be the possible next jobs you could be promoted into?

Please include citations of your information sources.
Type a report, double-spaced, discussing A, B, C and D.

Grade will be determined by the depth of answers as well as clarity and grammar. The report needs to look professional.


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