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For this exercise you will interview teens of various ages about their career goals in order to determine their status of identity development. After you have conducted the interview summarize your results by answering the questions in the assignment. The interview sheet, instructions, and questions can be found in the document attached above.

Be sure to read the Exercise Requirement Sheet prior to submitting your exercise.  There are severe point penalties for failure to follow instructions.  You must use APA formatting for your in in-text citations and references.  Exercises that contain more than 3 sentences that are direct quotes (sentences and/or phrases) will receive a grade of 0. This means that the ENTIRE paper/assignment can have no more than 3 sentences that are copied from a source.  Quotes are counted by sentence or parts of a sentence.  You may have an unlimited number of citations for paraphrased information.  Refer to the APA Citation Primer for assistance in using APA formatting and correctly documenting direct quotes.

Use the rubric attached above to grade your assignment before submitting.  This is an item-by-item listing of exactly what needs to be in your paper to receive full credit.

Instructions and data chart attached


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