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The TA’s are very strict when it comes to following instructions regarding this case study. I have included the following:
Grading metrics
Memo format
case study

**Do not quote from the case study
**All case study questions need to be answered
**Follow the format
**No references required

Scenario Below with questions:
You are the Japanese Minister of Energy, and the Japanese Prime Minister has asked you to come up with a ten-year energy plan for Japan. He is particularly concerned about the use of nuclear power on the one hand, the country is heavily dependent on nuclear energy sources, but on the other hand, he does not want to see a second nuclear catastrophe. In addition, many Japanese citizens oppose restarting reactors that have been offline since the disaster.

    Make a case for or against Japans reliance on nuclear power in the future. Use historical and scientific evidence to solidify your argument.
    How does the energy plan you presented effectively ramp up energy diversification and/or renewable energy transition over a 10-year period? What are the key milestones involved in attempting successful energy diversification/transition?
    If nuclear reactors were to be restarted as part of the 10-year energy plan, how can government officials avoid the safety myth that lulled citizens into a false sense of security? What measurements can be taken to ensure safety is followed through with regarding your recommendation?


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