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T3 DQ2. BY3/12


How does the community health nurse recognize bias, stereotypes, and implicit bias within the community? How should the nurse address these concepts to ensure health promotion activities are culturally competent? Propose strategies that you can employ to reduce cultural dissonance and bias to deliver culturally competent care. Include an evidence-based article that address the cultural issue. Cite and reference the article in APA format.

Instructor post

Providing holistic nursing care requires cultural competence. Understanding others beliefs and how you personally feel about those beliefs will help guide your patient care. Every person has their own values, including the nurse providing the care and education. Understanding your values and their importance to you will help the nurse understand how important and the impact an individuals values has on their health care preferences. Community health nurses must be able to interact effectively with people of all cultures , beliefs systems and health preferences (GCU, 2018).

What are some cultural beliefs you are familiar with or have had professional experiences with? How did you handle those situations? How were you able to ensure you were providing culturally competent care?

Please use at least one evidence based article to support your discussion post. The GCU library can be very helpful for finding resources.

Grand Canyon University (Ed). (2018). Community & public health: The future of health care. Retrieved from

Read Chapter 3 in Community and Public Health: The Future of Health Care.



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