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Take-home Response 3: Zimmerman’s Metamorphosis

Take-home Response 3: Zimmerman’s Metamorphosis
Today we saw a performance of Mary Zimmerman’s take on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, but you also have the text of the play available to you as a PDF file under “Week 13:  Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses.”

Please use what you have seen and read to answer the following discussion prompt:

The fact that her play begins and ends with the character of Midas suggests that Zimmermans choice of myths and the order of their appearance is not due to chance. What do you think she is trying to tell us through her choice of myths as well as the narrative progression of the play?

In your answer please be sure to support your ideas with references to the events that take place in the play (and, if necessary in Ovid’s Metamorphoses).



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