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Your term paper will consist of a case study of one particular developing country. You will
start off by selecting one developing country of your choice. The developing country is
defined on the basis of GDP per capita and includes low income and middle-income countries
according to the World Bank classification. You can visit the following website for more
detailed information on the classification of countries according to their income levels:
Next, you will review the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations and select
one of the first 10 goals listed on SDG official website: Your term paper should start off with
a brief description of the country in terms of its current status in the goal selected. You should
then analyze the progress and challenges involved in the selected development goal selected.
You may link it with the success or failure in meeting a similar MDG goal and discuss whether
the goal was achieved in 2015 or not. Charts and graphs to support your analysis are
especially encouraged. You should also provide a comprehensive analysis of the socioeconomic factors contributing to the progress or the lack thereof in the goal selected for the
country. Finally, you are expected to provide some policy recommendations that can enable
the country to meet the selected goal.


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