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The American Promise and Our Sacred Documents


The American Promise – Who we are, What do we believe and Where we are Going? Our Appendix holds the documents that our generations and much of the world considers Sacred Texts. When the world calls for human rights, liberty, equality it is often our documents that are held up before the people. In China and in Russia, in the Middle East and the continent of Africa, you will see our texts, and you will see the Statue Of Liberty in a thousand different renderings. Why?
From page 1 and through the Index discuss what this means historically, politically, culturally.
Our sacred documents that are at the heart of the nation came from somewhere earlier? Trace and discuss the origins of our founding father’s documents. What did the men and women of that time understand these documents to mean?
When and why did we protest, fight, write and rebel in order to move the American Promise a bit further toward full realization?
When and why did these documents seem to fail in our history, rather, when did we fail these documents?
Discuss the compromises, philosophies and sacrifices that were made in order to keep the American Promise alive.


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