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1- PROVIDE ME SCANS of 8 academic art sources on the Apadana, please, and use a minimum of 6.
2- The brief is uploaded for further instructions.
3- The dialogue should be 9 – 10 min long (about 1100 words) and must be cited.
4- Provide vital information: artist (if known), title, medium, date of production,
place of production and the period/culture to which it relates.
5- Include identification and explanation of the works formal characteristics.
6- Discuss these qualities in relationship to the context (the social/historical background)
in which the work was created.
7- Conclude with an overall assessment of the artwork.
8- Content must include: Address the formal characteristics, context and meaning of a work of art as they relate to one another, formulate strategies for clearly communicating information verbally, use the specialised vocabulary of art history when critically discussing works of art, actively engage with another persons views on and interests in a work of art, and speak about a work of art in a conversational but scholarly manner.


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