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the great Gatsby Research concept of (justice)

You will write a 2-4 page, typed literary analysis of a major work we have read this year. This essay will include textual support from your major work (also known as the primary source), ONE Literary criticism, and TWO sources from a connected research topic. The object of the assignment is to analyze an element or elements of the work and use the secondary source to support your own argument regarding the author’s purpose for using those elements. Finally, your analysis should then be connected to a research topic such as a current event. Successful mastery involves the synthesis of your ideas with your sources, and synthesis of the literary analysis with the outside topic.

final requirements:
1)size 12 double spaced.
2)3 quotes from the primary source.
3)1 quote from the secondary literary criticism source.
4)2 quotes from the secondary connecting research topic source.

the outline example is in the file.


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