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The Health Care Delivery System Then and Now

The first question in this discussion is opinion and/or experience-based, so jump right into the discussion immediately. For subsequent questions please meaningfully integrate your readings including the text, articles, and module notes into your posts.

1. In your opinion: how does the health care experience differ for you today compared with that of your parents and grandparents generations?

Now, lets start applying your course materials as we go through the questions together, one at a time. I will guide us through.

2. Looking at our history as a nation, what historical events do you believe may have particularly impacted how the health care delivery system is today? Please explain.

3. How have the roles and functions of the US health care delivery system changed over the past 50 years? How about the past 10 years? Consider how these changes in function and role have also altered the way we structure the health system and how various stakeholder groups are impacted.

4. To close out our first discussion, we have talked about the history and the makeup of our health care delivery system. You had opportunity to read about the health care systems of several other countries. How do we compare with other countries? Do you find our system stronger than one or more other countries in certain ways? Weaker? Were there facets of another countrys system that you would like to see the United States potentially incorporate? Provide examples from your course materials.


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