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The Lesson by Toni Bambara story

(Read Yellow Wallpaper story)

This is the first step in creating your research paper. The purpose of the proposal is to demonstrate that a student is working diligently on their paper, deciding the direction they are going in, and reflecting on why they are going in that direction.

The proposal also receives a green light or a red light.

If a student receives a red light, it means they need to revisit their proposal ideas before they can proceed with their essay meaning resubmission.

Requirements: It will be written in MLA format (about a page long) and answer the following questions:

So What?

What is your research topic? (Which story are you choosing)
What are your research questions?
So Why?

Why are you interested in this story?
Why should this research be conducted?
So Who?

Who is your target audience?
Who cares about this topic?
So How?

How will you go about answering your questions?
What critical literary theory do you believe you will be using?


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