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The movie Fighting with My Family.

For this assignment, I’d like you to simply watch a film and write a one-page review about your selection. Full-length movies and documentaries are preferred. No television shows, please. I would strongly encourage (but not require) using this assignment to engage with pandemic-related content–there is no shortage of these available on streaming websites at the moment.

Reviews should feature a thesis statement, (Example: Star Wars is a great movie because of the strong acting, cool visual effects, and great story-telling.) an introduction and conclusion, as well as a paragraph for each talking point. In the example provided, there would be three body paragraphs: one talking about the acting, one talking about the visual effects, and one talking about the story-telling.

Remember, film reviews can be good or bad. A film review discussing why a movie is bad is just as good as a film review discussing why a movie is great. Also, remember that the fewer points you make in your thesis statement, the more you will have to analyze and discuss those points in order to hit the one-page length requirement; so: if you only have two points in your thesis statement, you will need to talk about those two points more than someone who has three points in their thesis. Essentially, you will write fewer paragraphs, but they will have to be longer and more drawn-out paragraphs. The choice on how many points you will make in your thesis is up to you.


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