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The Ontological Argument for Gods Existence

Explain, reconstruct, and evaluate The Ontological Argument for Gods Existence. Your paper should minimally discuss (a) the distinction between a prior and a posteriori propositions;(b) the distinction between existence and essence; and the criticism discussed in the class. Finally, you need to assess the theory by arguing either that the criticism of the theory is sound or cogent; or that there are good ways to respond to the criticism. Use Sobers discussion of this as the basis of your evaluation. Use plenty of concrete examples!

*Sober is the author of the book for the class which is attached*

These writing assignments are not intended as research papers, but rather as analytic papers in which you argue for a position. From these provided topic/question you must pick a position with which you disagree, present it accurately and charitably, including identifying its premises and unstated assumptions. After this, you should clearly present your own position, and argue why your position is more persuasive.  Again, here you must clearly identify your conclusion and your premises.  In addition to this, you must consider at least one possible objection to your position and attempt to refute it.  Finally, you should conclude your paper with a summary of what you think you have accomplished.

Your papers must be 12 font, typed, double spaced, with 1margings all around, and properly footnoted. All papers will be checked for possible plagiarism through Turnitin, and any found to be in violation will be dealt according to the administrative guidelines outlined in the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

NOTE:  You are allowed to use only your textbook for this class as a source along with my presentations.  No other sources are acceptable.  Using such sources will result in no credit for your paper.



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