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The paper for our final project includes 2 parts: (i) a step-by-step guide to teach others how to improve in their own life using your mental skills plan; and (ii) research support for your mental skills plan. This final paper should be no longer than 2

Step-by-Step Guide to Mental Skills Plan:
Based on your 2 reflections from your practice, write up how someone else could use what youve learned to apply to their own life.
Empirical Support:
Use concepts/skills from class as well as at least 2 references from academic journals/peer-reviewed studies to support your mental skills plan (e.g., 2 studies that demonstrate the positive benefits of mindfulness towards stress reduction or concentration)
References Section (APA or MLA style):
Include at least 2 references from academic journals/peer-reviewed studies that supports your plan (e.g., a study that shows using self-determination theory enhances intrinsic motivation)


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