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The recruitment and retention of women with executive positions the female leader I would like to identify in this research paper is Lenora Billings-Harris

Applied Paper:(200 points) The paper should be written from a consultants perspective as if you were hired to assess an organization and make recommendations. The paper should be on an organization that you are able to assess. The applied research paper should cover a topic in Diversity in the Workplace.  NOTE: This Applied paper is the result of the guided project process.  It is also known as the Course Embedded Assessment Assignment. Written paper is
SyllabusPage 4of 19worth 200 points and the voice over Power Point presentation is 50 points for atotal of 250 Points.Please note that you must post your topic by week 2 and have it approved by your instructor in order to earn any points in the paper. The length of the paper should a minimum of 6 pages (not counting the cover sheet, reference page or appendix), double spaced, typed on 8 x 11 paper, 12 pt. font, with a minimum of four scholarly references(not including any internal organizational documents). The paper should have the following sections: APPLIED PAPER FORMATTHE MEANING OF DIVERSITYLiteratureApplication to organizationIMPACT OF GENDER, RACE AND NATIONAL ORIGINLiteratureApplication to organizationPOLICIES FOR HANDLING SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITIESLiteratureApplication to organizationDIVERSITY MANAGEMENT POLICY BEST PRACTICESLiterature on best practicesANALYSIS OF ORGANIZATIONS DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT POLICYDescribe the policyStrengths and weaknesses Are the employees, managers, and executives knowledgeable about this policy? If so, how do the employees respond to this policy?Is diversity managed sporadically or systemically within the organization?ORIf the organization does not have a diversity management policy, discuss the organizations general strengths and weaknesses in light of diversitys potentialrole within the organization and recommend a policy to be implemented.Research Paper presentation:(50points).Students will present their research paper orally. Each students voice over PowerPoint presentations must use a maximum of 10 power point slides per presentation.Make sure that youcover all of the substance of your written paper.Please submit your presentation to Canvas.  20 points will be deducted for no voice-over


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