the scream by edvard munch


INCORPORATE the FIVE major approaches I have listed in the proposal(attached below :

– Spectacle society
– Gaze
– Rep. analysis
– Psychology
– globalization

Task: The paper should include a one-paragraph
introduction with the reason you chose the piece of art, a
one- to two-paragraph background on the artwork and then
several paragraphs of analysis using the analytic tools we
have discussed so far. Use at least five in your analysis. I
am looking for depth over breadth, so make sure to delve
into each of the approaches you choose, rather than simply
writing a sentence or two of all of them.

Also, do not write a paper that is merely a synopsis of the
artwork; make sure to demonstrate mastery of the analytical
tools.  any external sources that are
relevant (as long as they are cited). The paper should not
include more than a paragraph or so of quotes in total.

The paper should be 5 to 6
pages double-spaced (with
12-point font and 1
margins all around) this
does not include the
Works Cited Page or the
No space between


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