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The underlying factors of psychopathic behaviour in youth

submit a proposal topic for your final paper. Your
topic proposal should be 2 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and
formatted according to APA style. You also need to utilize a minimum of 3 peerreviewed sources that were published within the last 5-7 years, in addition to the
Begin with an APA title page this is great practice!
1. State your tentative Final Project title:
2. State your research question(s): How does your study relate to previous work in the field
and address a gap in the literature, and why is your study important?
3. Complete a literature search. Identify at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles for your
Literature Review. Create an APA style References section listing each source you will
4. Describe the main information you found in the literature about your topic and how your
research question is related to this information.
5. Describe how you will locate data for your analysis (e.g., will you do a survey, where
will you get your subjects, etc.).
6. Identify your subjects, sampling procedures, measures with reliability/validity, research
design, and proposed statistical analyses. What do you plan to do?
7. State your hypothesis:


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