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The Value of Ethical Principles in Nursing

The Value of Ethical Principles in Nursing Instructions

The essay in this unit provides an opportunity to reflect and analyze the contribution ethical principles make to the practice of nursing. The essay should demonstrate an accurate understanding of the ethical principles covered in the readings.

Write an essay that identifies and discusses in some detail three to four of the principles addressed in the assigned readings for this unit.

In addition to an accurate description of the meanings of each principle, address why the chosen values seem helpful to you and how they align with your own understandings and values as well as new insights they offer as you contemplate the role of ethical decision-making in the nursing profession.

As always, the essay should have a strong thesis statement, introduction and conclusion, demonstrate your own thoughtful reflection, and draw upon ideas presented in the topic readings to help frame the discussion.

Follow accurate MLA style throughout, including a Works Cited page.

Be sure to proofread for spelling, grammar and citation accuracy.

TIP: Use brief and accurate quotes to help in the description and discussion of the principles. It is okay to use the 1st person in the essay (do not use 2nd person). Make sure that even when using 1st person, it is required that support for positions and reflections is provided.

Source for Essay-Healthcare Ethics.
    Chapter 1: Methods in Healthcare Ethics, pp. 1-12.
    Chapter 2: The Content of Catholic Healthcare Ethics, pp. 15-30.
    Chapter 3: The Person Seeking Health, pp. 31-40.
    Chapter 5: Personal Responsibility for Health, pp. 55-67.
    Chapter 6: Responsibilities of Healthcare Professionals, pp. 71-85

Link to book -free on google books:

Ethics of Health Care: An Introductory Textbook
By Benedict M. Ashley, Kevin D. O’Rourke


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