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(theme or traits) and talk about the book uglies by scott westerfield in general whats 1 of the lessons. Do not refer to the book until sentence 2 or 3! Introduce the book (in italics) and a brief 2 sentence summary. End with your thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs: Always start with a topic sentence what your paragraph example will be.
              Set the scene who/what/where/when (2 sentences max),
              INTRODUCE the quote Remember, we need a transition leading to your quote.
                                    Always put punctuation after quotation mark with page number only.
              What should the longest part of your paragraph be? THE LINKING/REASONING!
                                    Relate everything back to your thesis statement.

Conclusion: Wrap up your main points in a new language. State the purpose of the paper. What were you trying to communicate about the BIGGER PICTURE or the CHARACTER?


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