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5-6 double-spaced pages
12-point Times New Roman
Page Numbers
1 inch margins
MLA/APA format
Must include 6 sources
NOTE: At least two of the sources must be conceptual/frame sources, and at least one of
the sources must offer a counter-argument/qualification of your own claim. You must review the Principles of Textual Analysis Worksheet as well as the Types of Academic Argument.
Structure of Draft:
Begin with an Introduction, which should:
Include a statement of your Research Question
Describe the Theoretical Framework/s that you will use and why
Explain the nature and significance of your topic
End with your thesis statement/provisional argument that is as precise as possible
In the Body of the paper you should:
Define at least two key terms and their causal relationship (this is in reference to and
having developed from your thesis statement)
Define the argument within which your research is intervening (Review Style of
Academic Argument Worksheet)
Use case and theoretical materials together
Support claims with evidence
Use well-written paragraphs that open with a topic sentence and are narrowly focused on
a single conceptual step of your argument
Put your authors in conversation with each othermost of your paragraphs should
reference at least two authors
You will not be ready to write a Conclusion yet, as you have much more research, reading, and thinking to do.
End with a Works Cited page, written in MLA, APA, or Chicago format, on a separate additional page.


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