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To create your own original 3 course menu, that is paired with a beverage (wine, coffee, tea), that can be catered to a customer with specific dietary needs.

To create your own original table dhote menu (a set menu with a fixed price), which is paired with a beverage (wine, beer, tea), and can be catered to a customer with specific dietary needs.
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Individually create a personal three-course allergen table dhote menu that includes:
Step 1:

1.    The menu must have a 2 choices for appetizers, 3 choices for main and 2 choices for dessert.  Each menu item should display a completed balanced dish as discussed in class, with varying textures and flavours.
2.    Each course must be paired with a beverage (wine, beer, or tea) in the correct progression according to the weights and styles of the beverage. The menu should indicate the producer, wine varietal if applicable and vintage year.
3.    The style of menu should be written, and designed, in a way that best suits that type of restaurant establishment. Remember this is a selling tool for the restaurant. Design and descriptors of the dishes are important.
4.    Professional presentation of the menu is as important as your menu balance (colours, textures, flavours and techniques). Use of culinary terminology, cooking techniques, and descriptive wording is expected.
5.    This menu needs to accommodate a person with a specific allergy.  You need to provide two items in two different courses, where you need to substitute an element of the dish that has the specific allergen for another element that does not.  This substitution should not alter the original dish but provide the necessary accommodation for the guest to have the same eating experience as everyone else.

6.    The allergens may be any of the following:

a.    Wheat
b.    Nuts
c.    Fish
d.    Seafood
e.    Dairy
f.    Eggs
g.    Soy

Include an essay style write up, in 800 1200 words explaining:
1.    What inspired this menu? Explain the dishes and what prompted you to create this menu. Why have you chosen this style of cuisine? Perhaps your family heritage is your inspiration, or somewhere you have traveled.
2.    Describe the rational for pairing your beverage to each course.  Include how you selected wine based on progression of menu. Identify weight of wine to weight of food comparison, acidity, sweetness and tannin interaction if valid. List affinities between wine and food. You need to support your rational with providing a principle pairing rule.
3.    Describe the surprising facts you found when researching the allergen and list them.
4.    Identify two items in two different courses, where you need to substitute an element of the dish that has the same specific allergen for another element that does not.
5.    What challenges may arise when creating a menu for this specific type of allergen?
6.    Where did you find this allergen information? Were any other restaurants or chefs inspirational to you?

–    Importantly understand the allergen and the menu style you are creating.
–    Get creative and display your culinary style and cuisine inspirations.
–    Remember that the menu is a marketing and communication tool for the front of house and reflects the reputation and standards of a restaurant.
–    Check for spelling and grammar!!
–    Be sure the menu and essay are professionally written and check the marking rubric on Blackboard for the grading of your final menu and essay submission.
–    Late Submission is 10% a day after scheduled deadline
–    Cite any and all references professionally.
–    Plagiarism will not be tolerated

Please note: you are submitting a professional menu with wine pairings (Step 1), as well as the essay (step 2) when submitting your Assessment.


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