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Tom Sawyer

All through the story, superstitions showed up as important matters among the children and some adults, which caused them to do some strange things. Select from among the many choices your three favorites. Write them down, explain why you chose them and any opinions you have about these superstitions.
On the surface, Tom Sawyer is a story about a young boy, full of energy and mischief, who entertains himself at the expense of both the adults and children of his small town.
Still, hidden beneath his exploits and actions are some strengths and virtues that may become valuable aspects of his character as he grows older.
Look back over the story and find some instances of at least two of the following characteristics that you feel could apply to Tom. Tell what they are and explain why you think so.
Loyalty      Respect for other peoples property
Honesty      Kindness
At the same time, Tom certainly wasnt perfect. Look again over the characteristics you chose and see if you can find some instances in the book where he was less than perfect in those ways. Tell what they were and why you think so. In spite of those, explain Toms most valuable strength in your opinion.


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