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Topic Four Assignment: Public Opinion

1Q: Drawing on the textbook readings, discuss how we develop our opinions about politics.  Select two or three explanations and briefly summarize them. (a few paragraphs, twenty-five points)

2Q: Then think about yourself and how these factors have shaped opinions that you have about contemporary issues. (one or two paragraphs, twenty-five points)

3Q: What makes a public opinion poll scientific? In addition to the textbook chapter, see the PowerPoint for some of the elements to consider. Please go to the internet, or non-electronic media, and identify one example of a scientific poll and one example of a non-scientific poll. Describe the polls briefly and discuss their relative validity. Suggestion: (Links to an external site.) has many campaign polls. For nonscientific polls, think of some of the polls you have recently run across, perhaps on social media.(one or two paragraphs, twenty-five points)

4Q: To what extent do you believe that public opinion should matter in shaping policy?  Are there examples where you believe that the majority is wrong?  If so, what can be done about this? (two or three paragraphs, twenty-five points)


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