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Topic Seven Assignment: Campaigns, Elections, and the Media

Introduction to Topic Seven:

The learning objectives for this topic are first, to examine what is the role of money in campaigns and what reforms, if any, should be implemented; and second, to consider the effect of the media on public opinion, and third, to analyze how voters make up their minds regarding who to favor in an election.


1Q: Review the textbook and PowerPoint on campaign finance. Then select one candidate for any political office and investigate the following:

How much money was raised?

Who gave the money? Investigate the totals raised, top contributors, etc. Make some generalizations about the data for each side.

Based on your investigation, would you favor any reforms? Discuss.

You are welcome to present data with charts and graphs as well. is a helpful website (two or three paragraphs and charts as needed, fifty points).

2Q: Based on chapter five in the California Government book,  what efforts have been made to improve the electoral process in California and what reforms would you advocate for the future?  (three or more paragraphs, fifty points)


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